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APS Resource is a recognized leader in providing long-lasting and economical solutions to safeguard loading dock personnel against accidents. Damage due to poor lighting or poor communication between truck drivers and dock workers can be a major factor.

APS Resource offers dock lights in many sizes and variations to meet your needs. LED dock lights can save a significant amount of energy without sacrificing lighting performance.

They can significantly reduce utility, maintenance and replacement costs. 

High Impact LED Dock Light

The High Impact LED Dock Light has a compact, durable design for your most demanding applications at the loading dock. It can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely.

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G-Flex LED Dock Light

The G-Flex LED Dock Light is the durable and long lasting answer to your dock light needs. It uses a minimum amount of energy for the maximum light output into your trailer.

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G-Flex Dock Light

The G-Flex Dock Light is a more economical answer to your LED dock light needs. It can be fitted with an APS Resource E-Saver bulb or a common incandescent bulb.

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