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Integration of Your Loading Dock Project

We evaluate your needs and recommend solutions that fully integrate access to your shipping and receiving areas.

Whether you are constructing a new plant or distribution center or upgrading your facility, we work with architects, contractors or your operations staff.


We can help you in the design phase to write clear specifications that will ensure you get in the bid process with the equipment you are expecting and the end user is needing for their application.

More information on dock equipment specifications can also be accessed online:

Kelley’s C-Specs Website


Let us help you understand the differences in dock equipment and door makes and models so you can be sure you are getting “apples to apples” on your quotes. Loosely written specifications can put you in a tough spot with end users when inferior equipment is installed.

We can help you uncover and address potential problems before the project begins, not in the middle of the job when it effects schedule, or once the job is complete when it effects customer satisfaction.

End User

Your dock equipment and doors are unique to your operation. We approach every project this way. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction with the equipment we install and the first step is to make sure that you get the right equipment for the application.

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