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Keep Your Dock Areas Ventilated

  • Providing greater comfort for large spaces

  • Requiring much less energy than HVAC systems

  • Controlling temperatures all year round

  • Offering industrial and commercial fans from 8 to 24 feet in diameter
Kelley HVLS Fans

Kelley HVLS fans produce a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, consistently circulating air in large spaces. The gentle breeze created equates to a 4-7 degree reduction in the perceived temperature, in accordance with ASHRAE 55-2010 comfort standard, keeping employees cool and comfortable.

Balanced air circulation reduces stagnant air, hot and cold spots, and condensation, keeping food and produce dry and fresh and reducing spoilage.

These advantages come with reduced energy consumption, as well. By having big fans working with the HVAC system to better regulate temperature from floor to ceiling, a facility can raise the thermostat setting 3-5 degrees, creating the potential for up to 4 percent energy savings per degree change. And integrating your Kelley HVLS fans with iFAN® software allows for central monitoring of fan activity for optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Industrial Fans

Kelley industrial high-volume, low-speed fans don’t just move air, they circulate air efficiently and positively impact many factors in your facility.

The gentle mass of air or the “floor jet” balances the internal environment by creating a more even temperature, protecting product integrity, avoiding potential product spoilage and increasing employee comfort.

The even coverage provided by a Kelley Industrial HVLS ceiling fan also reduces moisture in the air, which helps to keep your floors drier and safer for your employees.

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Fan Control

iFAN® HLVS Fan Control is the next generation of fan control. iFAN® allows you to maximize the benefit of your large fans by enabling centralized HVLS fan control.

The graphic interface of iFAN® allows you to clearly pinpoint where fans are located within the facility, and you can easily make real-time adjustments and measure key performance statistics. iFAN’s graphics also enhance each fan’s visual appearance, aiding troubleshooting efforts, clarifying facility layout, and improving group fan control.

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